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Best Bat Removal Services

Bat removal in Clayton, NC and serving the Raleigh-Durham area.

Do you have a Bat problem? We can help!

Our team of bat experts has provided the best bat removal and bat exclusion services to homes and business throughout Wake County, Johnston County and Harnett County.

If you find bats in your home or business we have you covered.  Whether you wake up to the a bat in the bedroom or find several bats in the gable vent in your attic we help you. Bats are actually one of the most common wildlife related problems customers have here in North Carolina. If you are in need of bat removal services in your Clayton, Raleigh home or throughout the Triangle, Freedom Wildlife solutions is here to offer a humane and effective solution to your bat problem.

Bat Removal Clayton NC

How Our Bat Removal Service Can Help Solve Your Problem?

If you have Bat problems we can help!

We begin our bat prevention service with some questions relating to your problem and a detailed inspection of your home or business.

We take pictures during the inspection of any problems identified. Pictures and a report from the inspection are provided to all of our customers. We then develop a plan to remove any unwanted animals as well as a plan to prevent any future problems.

The recommend plans will be discussed with our customer and an agreed on plan of action is initiated.

Bat Exclusion Services Available!

We also provide professional wildlife trapping services throughout Johnston, Wake and Harnett Counties.

When selecting a bat removal company it's important to do your research! There are many regulations, permitting, and licensing that must be followed by the wildlife control company.

bats in the attic

Bat Removal Services Near Me In Clayton, NC Area.

How To Get Rid Of Bats?

Let our wildlife specialists help you get the bats out and keep them out.

Bat exclusion and prevention service is the most effective way to get rid of and keep bats out of your home or business.

 If you have a bat colony calling your home their home you will need to exclude them.  This includes sealing any and all areas a bat can fit in and installing an exclusion device, often referred to as a bat valve, to allow the bats to leave but not return.

Bats in the attic!

Bat removal can be stressful but we are here to help

If you find bats in your attic know that you are not alone.  It if very common to find bats in the attic.  Bat exclusion is the most effective way to remove bats from an attic or any other area beside the living area of the home. Bat exclusion identifies any areas the bats are entering or could potentially enter and seals the holes while leaving a one way exit. The one way bat valve is removed and permanently sealed after all the bats have exited the home or facility. This prevents the bats from returning in the future.

Bat Removal Near Me

Bat Exclusion Services Near Me In Clayton, NC Area.

Bat in house Removal

Bat in house Raleigh, NC.

What to do if you find a bat in your house.

If you find a bat in a living area of your house, such as a bedroom, and you do not know how long the bat has been there it is important the bat be captured. Bats are a vector for rabies and their bites can be small and go unnoticed. Any bat that could have come in contact with people or animals throughout the night needs to be caught and tested for rabies.  The easiest way to catch a bat is to wait until it land and place something over it such as a net or bucket.

Bat Closed Season

When can bats be removed?

No bat exclusion services are performed from May 1st through July 31st in the state of North Carolina. There is no bat exclusion due to it being breeding season. If the adults are excluded they would leave there flightless young who would die.

Bat with babies

Bat Prevention Services Near Me In Clayton, NC Area.

Clayton Bat Exclusion

Bat Proofing In Clayton, NC Area.

Bat Proofing Your Home

Bat proofing your home is the best way yo ensure you do not have bat problems in the future.

Professional bat proofing can be expensive but is designed to protect your home and and your family.  The best bat proofing is done with durable quality products typically made from metal.  Areas commonly secured during a bat proofing service include: gable vents, ridge vents, attic vents, and soffit / roof connections.

We use the best products and techniques currently available to ensure the job is done right and will last for years.  To see our work check out our Wildlife Repair & Exclusion Portfolio page.

Problems Associated With Bats

Are bats Dangerous? There are risks that come along with any wildlife.

If you are wondering what types of problems a bats cause below are a few issues that can come up if you have an unwanted bats in your home or business:

Bat Removal Clayton NC

Remove Bats in the Attic Near Me In Clayton, NC Area.

Bat Problems include...

* For a full list of our services check out our Nuisance Wildlife Services page.

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