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Groundhog Removal

They may be cute, but nuisance groundhogs can cause big problems.

Are you dealing with a groundhog digging holes in your yard or burrowing under you garage?  Let us help you with our groundhog removal services.  We will utilize professional removal techniques to solve your groundhog problems.

What are goundhogs and what do they do?

Groundhogs also known as “woodchucks”, ” land beavers” and “whistle pigs” is the largest member of the squirrel family and can be very destructive to your property or in your garden. The groundhog is described as a 6 to 12 lb brown bodied animals with white incisors. Groundhogs are burrowers which can be devastating to your property if they chose your property for their next burrow.

Signs you may have a groundhog problem

Raleigh Groundhog removal

How to get rid of Groundhogs

The first step to get rid of groundhogs is to determine if the groundhog burrow is located on your property?  If it is trapping and removing the groundhog would likely be the best course of action.  Cage traps are the most common traps used to catch groundhogs.  Traps can be baited or set at the burrow entrances to target your problem groundhog.  If the burrow is not on your property installing an effective barrier may be a effective solution.  

Freedom Wildlife Solutions offers professional groundhog removal services throughout the Triangle.

Our groundhog removal service starts like all of our other nuisance wildlife removal services with a detailed inspection.  After our inspect we provide our customers with a quote and a plan to remove your wildlife problem.  Typically we utilize trapping services, such as the use of box traps or cage traps, to remove groundhogs. We also provide exclusion services for groundhogs.  Our exclusion service prevents future problems and comes with a warranty.

Can you relocated Groundhogs in NC?

North Carolina law prohibits the relocation of groundhogs though it is allowed to be released on the same property it was caught on.  If you have a large property you may be able move the groundhog to another area of the property to solve your groundhog problem.

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