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Do you have beaver problems on your land? Freedom Wildlife Solutions can help you with removing destructive beavers.

Are you dealing with problems cause by beavers?  Beavers are the largest rodents in North Carolina and consequently can be the most destructive which can create big problems for people, businesses or farms. In 2014 it was reported beaver caused over 6.8 million dollars in damage to roads, agriculture and timber lands, landscape plantings, drainage systems, and other property.  If you are dealing with the destructive instincts of a beaver and need beaver removal services contact us to get your free estimate.

There's help for your Clayton beaver problem.

We start our beaver removal service like any other service with a thorough inspection of the problem. During the inspection we first want to ensure the problem is in fact a beaver and not another semi-aquatic species such as muskrats. Next we want to estimate how big the beaver population. Once we completed the inspection we can provide the customer with a plan of action and an estimate. If the customer accepts our estimate we begin our removal services immediately. All of our wildlife removal services follow all local and federal laws.

Impacts from nuisance beavers on your land.

Beaver can cause problems for all categories of our customers including residential, commercial, and agricultural.  Beavers create dams that can flood residential areas, roadways, and agricultural fields.  They also can cause problems by the timbers they are taking to build their dams.

Signs you may have a beaver problem:

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Are you in the Raleigh Triangle area and dealing with problems caused by beavers? Schedule your free estimate now if you need our beaver removal service or are dealing with problems caused by another nuisance wildlife species. You can schedule your free estimate though our contact page or by calling (919) 584-8650.

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