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Freedom Wildlife Solutions provides bat removal, bat exclusion and bat prevention services to Clayton, Raleigh and their surrounding cities.

Do you have a bat in one of your rooms in your house and don’t know what to do?  Did you go in your attic and realize numerous bats have made it their home?  Bats are actually one of the most common problems customers have here in North Carolina. If you are in need of bat removal in your Clayton, Raleigh home or throughout the Triangle, Freedom Wildlife solutions is here to offer a humane and effective solution to your bat problem.

Problems that exist when you may have a bat problem in and around your home or business.

How To Get Rid Of Bats

Get the bats out and keep them out.

If you have a bat in the house you can open a door to let it if fly out or wait until it lands to catch it.  Avoid all direct all contact with the bat since they can carry rabies.  If you have a bat colony calling your home their home you will need to exclude them.  This includes sealing any and all areas a bat can fit in and installing an exclusion device to allow the bats to leave but not return.

Bat Removal Clayton NC

Bats in an attic in Raleigh, NC

Frequently Asked Questions About Bats

When can bats be removed from your home or business?

Here in North Carolina bats cannot be excluded from May 1st through July 31st.  During that time bats are protected due to it being their breeding season.  If a bat finds its way into the living area of your home or business it can be removed.

Are bats protected?

Yes bats are protected.  Bats are on a steady decline due to a fungus known as white nose syndrome. Bat removal needs to be handled in a manner within the restrictions of their protections.  Here in North Carolina the only authorized technique to solve a bat problem is through bat exclusion outside of their breeding season.

What do bats eat?

Bats eat bugs.  Amazingly bats can eat up to 500 mosquitoes or similar sized insect every hour.  It is because of this it is important we keep the bats around we just don’t want them in your home or business.

Are bats dangerous?

All wildlife pose certain risks to humans.  When it comes to bats the two greatest risks are rabies and histoplasmosis.  Rabies come from direct contact with a bat such as a bite.  If you have a bat that entered the living space of your home or business and you don’t know when the bat came in and how long it has been in there you should have that bat tested for rabies.  Histoplasmosis is found in bat droppings also known as guano.

How do you tell if you have a bat problem?

Discovering a bat problem is often accidental.  Many of our customers report going up in there attics for another reason to find bats have been living up there for some time.  Other time individuals will notice bats flying out of their home as dusk, they will hear scratching or the bats high pitched chattering noises,  or they will notice the small black bat droppings “guano.”  There are many different signs that may indicate you have a bat problem.

How much does it cost to get rid of bats?

Being every home and business is different so is the cost of bat removal services.  In order to properly exclude bats all active entry points as well as other vulnerable areas should be sealed.  This includes building gaps, vents (attic, bathroom, ridge vents) or any other area leaving a hole large enough for a bat to enter.  The clean up also depends on the size of the contaminated area.  Is it a small area or have the bats been present for years and it is a large area?  A bat removal professional will be able to identify the extent of your problem and provide a proper plan of action and price your situation accordingly.

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Types Of Bats In NC

North Carolina is home to 17 species of bats.  Below is list of all the bats located in NC.

Common Complaints About Bats

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