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Interactions with coyotes in Clayton, Raleigh and throughout the Triangle continue to grow.

The demand for coyote removal services throughout North Carolina has increased due to the growth in development throughout the area. It is becoming more common to hear stories about conflicts with coyotes on the news such as someone’s dog was attacked or taken from the their backyard. If coyotes are causing you problems or you fear for the safety of your pets or livestock please contact us and let us help you with our professional coyote removal services. We provide coyote removal services to residential, commercial and agricultural customers.

When Do Coyotes Become A Problem?

Do not become alarmed if you see a coyote near you home, business or farm. The occasional sighting of wildlife such as coyotes should be enjoyed. If the sightings become more frequent or you feel your pets or livestock are threatened contact our wildlife removal experts. We will come out to your property and determine the extent of your coyote problem and recommend a solution.

Professional coyote trapping is the recommended solution. They can aggressive, elusive, and sometimes dangerous animals.

Why should someone dealing with coyotes hire the professionals? The simple answer is to get the job done and get it done right. Coyotes are intelligent animals and will learn from failed attempts. Attempting to trap them on your own or having a friend who doesn’t know what they are doing will likely result in a failed attempt and an animal who will like be harder to remove. Additionally removing a coyote by shooting one will only get you one. If you have one coyote most likely you have more as well. Removal by the use of firearms is a technique that does work but knowing when and where to use this technique separates the professionals.

Contact Freedom Wildlife Solutions, a professional coyote removal expert.

Contact us if you need our coyote trapping service or are dealing with problems caused by a nuisance wildlife species and you want them solved. You can contact us though our contact page or by calling (919) 584-8650.

Reported interactions and conflicts with coyotes.

  • July 2015, An article states a man in Raleigh, NC was chased by three coyotes while walking his dog.  The man was able to get away and call the police. Coyote aggression towards people is rare but coyotes are know to target pets.  To read the full article click here.
  • April 2018, A coyote that tested positive for rabies after it attacked a man in Wake Forest, NC.  Coyote attacks on humans are very rare but do happen on occasions such as this one.  Check out the entire article by clicking here.
  • October 2018, A coyote attacked a woman’s dog while it was in her back yard in Apex, NC.  We are happy to report the dog survived the attack but it is a scary thought that a pet can be vulnerable like this in its back yard.  To read more about this incident click here.
  • October 2018, An article came out about increased coyote sightings in Wake County.  In the article a homeowner in Raleigh, NC captured three coyotes on here home surveillance camera. While it is the time of year when the previous years young venture out on their own many residents in Raleigh, NC would not expect to see a coyote walking down the street. To see this article in its entirety click here.

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