What To Do If You Find A Bat In Your Home

Finding a bat in your home can be a very stressful event.  Whether you watch it fly in an open door or wake up to a bat flying around in your bedroom, we will cover what you should do.

Scenario 1: Bat came in an open window or door

If you observe a bat enter your house you should first stay calm and keep an eye on it so you don’t lose it in your home.  Bats can tuck away in tight areas making it very hard to find them if you lose track of them.  You should close all other doors in your home or business to prevent the bat from entering other areas or secure it into one room.  You can leave the exterior door or window open and the bat may fly back out.  Be aware the bat does not always fly back out.  If the bat does not fly back out and lands you can place a net or bucket over the bat.  You can then slide something under the bucket / net to secure them in there.  It is just like using a glass to get a spider out.  Once you have the bat and you are positive you saw it enter and it never came in direct contact with anyone in the house you can let it go outside.  Lastly ensure you keep your doors and windows closed so you don’t have that problem again.

Scenario 2: Woke up to bat in the house

If you wake up to a bat in the house you should again try and remain calm.  Try your best to watch where the bat goes.  In this case you do not want to open any exterior doors or windows.  The captured bat should be tested for rabies in case of possible contact because this bat was in the home while people were sleeping.  In order to get the bat for testing you should continue to watch the bat until it lands and then as previously stated place a net or bucket over the bat. 

Once you have the bat you will need to find out the proper procedures for submitting the bat for rabies testing.  Animal control or a local bat removal company should be able to help you determine your next steps.  Each state and area can have different procedures so ensure you find out the right steps for your area.

Scenario 3: Bats in the attic

If you find bats in the attic they are not treated the same as if you find a bat in the house.  If you find bats in your attic it will need to be handled very differently.  In this case you will need to have a bat exclusion service completed.  A bat exclusion is where bat valves, or one-way devices designed to allow bats to leave and not reenter, are installed and all other areas of possible entry are secured.  Areas that should be secured include gable vents, soffit / roof connections, ridge vent and any other gap over ¼”.  If you are not experienced with excluding bats the process can become very frustrating as they continue to move and find other ways into your home.

Bats In Your Home

Bats in the attic Clayton, NC

If you find a bat in your home should your get it tested for rabies?

Bats are known carriers of several harmful pathogens / disease including rabies.  If you do not know when a bat entered your home, if the bat was in your home while people were sleeping, if the bat could have been in a room with young children, elderly people or a pet, or you know the bat came in direct contact with someone you should submit the bat for rabies testing.  You should also contact your doctor and seek medical advice from them regarding the possibility of contact with a bat / rabies vector.

Hire a professional bat removal expert!

No matter what scenario you find yourself in you can hire a bat removal specialist to help. Removal of bats, or any wildlife, can be risky since they can carry diseases and bat exclusions often include accessing hard to reach / access areas.  A bat removal company is trained and equipped to handle the job properly and remove the risk from you.  If you need help with bat removal in the Raleigh, NC area contact Freedom Wildlife Solutions.  Our team is trained and equipped to do it right.

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