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Raccoon Round Worm
Wildlife Diseases

Raccoon Round Worm

Is Raccoon Round Worm Dangerous? Raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis) is a parasite that can be dangerous to both humans and other animals. The roundworm larvae

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Are Opossums Dangerous?

Are Opossums Dangerous? Did you come face to face with an opossum and are now wondering if opossums are dangerous?  We will will answer the

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If you need help with a wildlife problem solving it is as easy as clicking the button below and completing the form. Our wildlife experts are waiting to help you today.

Some of our most popular wildlife removal services include…

Do you have a raccoon problem?

Raccoons are at the top of the list when it comes to nuisance wildlife problems. Learn more about our Raleigh raccoon removal and raccoon prevention services.

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Do you have squirrel problems?

Have you been hearing noises in your attic and don’t know what it is? Learn more about how our Raleigh squirrel removal and squirrel prevention services can help you.

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Bat Removal Clayton NC

Do you have a bat in one of your rooms in your house or bats in your attic and don’t know what to do?

We provide bat removal and exclusion. Learn more about our Raleigh bat removal and bat prevention services.

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Do you need our Raleigh beaver removal or beaver prevention services?

Have beavers been damaging your trees or flooding your property? Learn more about our Raleigh beaver removal service.

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Do you have a snake problem in your home or business?

Snakes are a leading wildlife complaint during the warmer months. Learn more about our Raleigh snake removal and snake prevention services.

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Do you have birds in your bathroom vent?

Do you hear chirping in your chimney? We provide bird removal and exclusion services. Learn more about out Raleigh bird removal and bird prevention services.

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