Are You Living With Raccoons In Your Raleigh, NC Home?

Raccoon Removal Raleigh NC

Were they raccoons near your Raleigh NC home?

Determining if you have raccoons near your Raleigh NC home starts by being able to properly identify a raccoon.  Characterized by their black masks and ringed tails, raccoons are very intelligent, resourceful animals. As masters of adaptation they have become a common site in urban areas whether raiding garbage containers or robbing food left for family pets. On average they are about the size of a small dog, around 15 lbs. Although these critters prefer to build their dens near water sources, they are not at all opposed to making themselves at home in an attic, under porches or decks, in chimneys, and under storage sheds. Unfortunately, should they choose the latter options they are capable of really damaging your home. Accustomed to humans, they do not easily scare and should not be approached as they are carriers of potentially dangerous diseases such as roundworm and rabies.

Signs raccoons are actually living in your home:

The number one sign you have a raccoon living in your home is seeing the raccoon either enter or exit home.  If you have not seen any raccoons entering your home but think you do here are some signs to look for:

  • Noticeable destruction of property including a hole in the exterior wall.  A raccoon requires an entry hole the size of a soft ball or bigger so it will likely be pretty easy to spot.
  • Displaced insulation.  You may find insulation on the ground around your home or large pathways in the insulation in the attic.
  • Noises throughout the night.  Raccoons are nocturnal so they are heard mostly at night through can be hard moving around from time to time during the day.
  • You may also find evidence of droppings which can stain surfaces. Do not handle suspected raccoon droppings as contact with raccoon droppings can be dangerous to both humans and pets.

Some simple solutions to avoid nuisance raccoons near your Raleigh NC home:

  • Securing garbage container lids and only placing them outside of trash pickup days.
  • Feed family pets indoors or pick up any leftover food if feeding outside. Do not feed stray animals.
  • Clean up spilled seed on the ground from under bird feeders.
  • Close off or secure entry points in crawl spaces, under sheds, porches, decks, and attics.

Raccoons in the Raleigh News:

There is a large population of raccoons that can be found throughout Raleigh, NC.  It is because of this it is not uncommon to find raccoons near your Raleigh NC home.  The raccoons in Raleigh occasionally make a presence on the local news.

  • October 2018, a ABC 36 article provides a video of a raccoon escaping the rising flood waters of Crabtree Creek after Tropical Storm Michael. So see the video or read the full article click here.
  • October 2018, Wake County, A raccoon in Southwest Raleigh tested positive for rabies after coming in contact with three dogs. You can read the article in its entirety by clicking here.

If you have a raccoon problem we can help you:

Our methods for removing raccoons are tailored to your situation and are mindful of beloved family pets. Give us a call should you see a raccoon in your home, attic, chimney, or if you find droppings. Click HERE to learn more information about our raccoon removal service.

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