What Is The Difference Between Wildlife Control Vs Pest Control Vs Animal Control In North Carolina?

Dealing with problems caused by animals is difficult enough.  We want to make it a little easier for you by helping you determine who you should call depending on the problem you are dealing with.  There are distinct differences when it comes to Wildlife Control Vs Pest Control vs Animal Control including licensing and their limitations on what they are allowed to deal with. It may sound silly but many of our customer have stated their confusion when they needed help.  Below is information on each service and when you should call them.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control, sometimes called wildlife removal or critter control, focuses on nuisance wildlife species that are causing damage.  All Wildlife Control companies here in North Carolina must be licensed through the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission as Wildlife Damage Control Agents.  These companies typically utilizes trapping and exclusion techniques to solve their customers wildlife related problems although there are other techniques that may be required in certain situations.

When To Call A Wildlife Control Company

  • Call if you have a wildlife species in your home.  This can include in the living areas of your home, the attic or the crawlspace.  The most common wildlife species encountered due to being in homes is bats, squirrels and raccoon.
  • Call if you are dealing with a wildlife species doing damage to your home, business or farm.  While majority of people may know to call someone if they here scratching in the attic they may now know to call if something is digging in the yard or attacking pets or livestock. Here in North Carolina wildlife control companies are the experts on all wildlife species.

Examples of common issues handled by wildlife control companies

Raccoons in a home
Squirrels in the walls
Bats in someones attic vent
Birds in a vent or attic
Moles tunneling through someones lawn
Groundhogs or skunks burrowing under a shed
Beavers or muskrats damaging ponds
Coyotes attacking pets or livestock
Snakes in a house

Contact For Wildlife Control Services

If you are in our servicing area and are in need wildlife control services for your home, business or farm schedule your free estimate now. You can contact us to set up your free estimate though our contact page or by calling (919) 584-8650.

Pest Control

Pest Control, sometimes referred to as exterminators, focuses on the removal of insects and small rodents.  All Pest Control businesses are privately owned companies licensed through North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.  There are numerous companies to choose from when it comes to pest control including large nationwide companies to small locally owned businesses.  A few pest control companies are also licensed in wildlife control.Pest Control

When To Call A Pest Control Company

  • Contact a Pest Control company if you are dealing with a problem caused by insects or small rodents such as mice or rats.

Examples of common issues handled by pest control companies

  • Insect problems in a home including termites, ants, cockroaches an spiders
  • Exterminating bed bugs
  • Removing mice and rats from homes and businesses
  • Applying pesticides to prevent insect problems

Animal Control

Animal Control is ran by the local government, in North Carolina it is at the county level, and handles issues with domesticated animals.  Domesticated animals includes but is not limited to dogs, cats, and farm animals.  Feral dogs and cats are still considered domesticated animals handled by local Animal Control.

When To Call Your Local Animal Control

  • Contact your local animal control if you are dealing with a problem and it involves a domesticated animal including dogs, cats and farm animals.
  • Call Animal Control immediately if you are dealing with any animal or wildlife species you suspect may have rabies.

Examples of common issues handled by Animal Control 

  • Observed mistreatment of pets or other domesticated animals
  • Catching stray dogs or cats
  • Dogs attacking your pets or livestock

Contact information for Local Animal Control

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