Noises in your attic or walls?

Have you been hearing noises in your attic or walls and don’t know what it is? It could be one of many culprits you are dealing with. If you are hearing noises you are most likely dealing with raccoons, squirrels, bats, birds, mice and rats. While there are a few other animals it could be, these are the most common. Determining what you are dealing with is the first step.

When Are You Hearing The Noises?

When you hear the noise is a very important piece of information when trying to determine what the cause of the noise is.

Daytime – If you are hearing the noises in your attic during the day you are most likely dealing with squirrels or birds. Squirrels and birds are active throughout the day and can usually be seen entering and exiting frequently. The remaining common culprits are nocturnal so they are mostly heard at night.

Nighttime – Raccoons, bats, mice and rats are nocturnal meaning they are most active throughout the night. They may become active an hour or two before sunset and remain active until and hour or two after sunrise. In fact the hour or two prior to sunset and after sunrise may be one of the most active times they are in your house since they most likely leave your house to find food throughout the night.

Look For Clues From Outside

  • Do you see animals around you roof? This may include seeing squirrels running along your roof or birds roosting on your roof. If you have bats you may need to wait until dusk and you will see them emerge from holes or attic vents.
    Raccoon Removal
  • Do you see holes or damage to your house? Finding and determine the size of the hole the animals are entering can help you determine what you are dealing with. Some holes can be a lot more obvious than others. A raccoon needs a hole the size of a grapefruit to enter your house while a bat can enter through a hole as small as a half inch. Also look for dirty or stained areas.
  • How is the animal getting up to your roof? Look for any trees that are touching your roof and allowing the animals easy access. It is always important to keep trees trimmed off your house. Doing this can greatly decrease your risk of dealing with wildlife issues.

Contact A Wildlife Removal Expert

Contacting a wildlife removal expert is always a good idea. Most reputable companies will come out, conduct an inspection, and give you a free estimate on how to fix your problems. They are trained and have the experience to properly remove your nuisance wildlife as well as repair damage and ensure they do not get back in through exclusion services. There are also an number of risks in dealing with with wildlife yourself such as harmful or deadly diseases. By hiring a wildlife removal professional you do no have to take on these risks.

If you are in North Caroline and live in Johnston, Wake or Harnett counties and are dealing with problems caused by a nuisance wildlife species contact Freedom Wildlife Solutions. You can contact us here on our website, you can email us at, or you can call us at (919) 584-8650.

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