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Local Wildlife Removal in Clayton, NC

Do you have a wildlife problem in your Clayton, NC home or business?

Our wildlife control services are the best Clayton, NC has to offer.  Our industry trained technicians are educated on the best methods and products to help your with your wildlife problem.

Are you in need of our Clayton Wildlife Removal services? Do you want wildlife prevention services to prevent future issues? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.  Freedom Wildlife Solutions is a veteran owned and operated company specializing in all areas of nuisance wildlife including professional wildlife removal, wildlife prevention / exclusion and repair services.  We are based locally in Clayton, NC.  We provide our customers with professional wildlife removal services including bird removal, bat removal, squirrel removal, wildlife prevention services and more to Clayton, NC and all surrounding areas at competitive rates.  We currently provide services to Johnston County, Wake County and Harnett County. 

Whether you are in a historic building in downtown Clayton or a new home in Flowers Plantation we have you covered.  Our wildlife control technicians are trained to work on all homes and building to ensure your wildlife problem is solved.

Why you should choose Freedom Wildlife Solutions for your wildlife control needs!

We’re a locally-owned, veteran-owned business that stands behind our work. Our 5-star rating and industry certified technicians make us the go-to choice for wildlife removal in Clayton, NC. We are compassionate, responsible, and experts in all of our services, so you can rest assured knowing your problem will be solved quickly and efficiently. Let’s work together to keep your property safe from unwanted wildlife!

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Wildlife Removal Services In Clayton, NC

Freedom Wildlife Solutions provides Wildlife Control service in Clayton, NC

Our Wildlife Control Services In Clayton, NC

  • Bat Removal

    Freedom Wildlife Solutions specializes in safe, humane bat removal. Our experts are trained in the latest techniques to ensure these beneficial creatures are relocated safely while securing your home against future invasions.

  • Bird Removal

    Birds can be beautiful, but when they nest in unwanted areas, they become pests. Our bird removal services focus on humane methods to relocate birds and prevent them from returning, ensuring your property stays clean and damage-free.

  • Squirrel Removal

    Squirrels might be cute, but they can cause significant damage. Our squirrel removal services include humane trapping and relocation, along with repairs and preventative strategies to keep them from coming back.

  • Raccoon Removal

    Raccoons are clever and can become a nuisance. Freedom Wildlife Solutions provides expert raccoon removal, ensuring these critters are safely removed from your property while securing potential entry points to prevent future issues.

  • Opossum Removal

    Opossums can take up unwanted residence in your space. Our opossum removal services are designed to safely capture and relocate these animals, followed by preventive measures to keep your space secure.

  • Snake Removal

    Encountering a snake can be alarming. Our professionals are trained in safe snake removal techniques, identifying and safely removing venomous and non-venomous snakes from your property.

  • Groundhog Removal

    Groundhogs can damage your lawn and garden. We offer effective groundhog removal services, using humane methods to remove these animals and advice on how to prevent their return.

  • Mole and Vole Removal

    Moles and voles can ruin your landscaping. Our removal services target these burrowing pests, using safe, effective methods to remove them and restore the beauty of your outdoor space.

  • Beaver Removal

    Beavers can cause significant water damage. Freedom Wildlife Solutions provides professional beaver removal, addressing the root of the problem and implementing long-term solutions to protect your property from water damage.

  • Dead Animal Removal

    Dealing with dead animals is unpleasant and can pose health risks. Our dead animal removal services are prompt, safe, and respectful, removing the deceased animal and sanitizing the affected area to ensure your environment is clean and safe.

Top 5 Wildlife Removal Services In Clayton, NC

Bat Removal Clayton, NC

Bat Removal Clayton NC
Bats in attic vents.

Bats are an important part of our ecosystem but we do not want them to live in our homes or businesses.  Bat removal and bat exclusion can be hard work.  All areas around a home larger than a 1/4″ need to be secured.  Bats cannot be physically removed in North Carolina unless the are found in a living area of the home or business.  If they are in the attic or walls they will need to be excluded by sealing up all areas the can enter and placing a bat valve or one-way device to allow the bats to leave.  Our team of trained bat removal specialist can help remove and prevent bat problems from your Clayton home or business.

Bird Removal Clayton, NC

Bird love to nest in vents throughout Clayton.  Our bird control experts are trained and ready to get rid of birds in vents.  They can then replace the old vent with one that will prevent birds from getting in in the future.  We also replace any damaged or contaminated ducts to ensure proper airflow for your vents.

Squirrel Removal Clayton, NC

At Freedom Wildlife Solutions, we understand the havoc squirrels can wreak in your attic, garden, or walls. Our expert team provides comprehensive squirrel removal services, utilizing humane traps and exclusion techniques to safely relocate these agile creatures. We don’t just stop at removal; our services include a thorough inspection of entry points and potential attractants, offering repairs and preventive advice to keep squirrels at bay permanently. With a focus on humane methods and customer education, we ensure your squirrel problem is solved without harm to the animals or disruption to your home.

Raccoon Removal Clayton, NC

Raccoons are not just a nuisance; they can be a danger to your property and health. Freedom Wildlife Solutions offers specialized raccoon removal services designed to address and solve your raccoon troubles effectively. Our trained professionals use safe, humane strategies to capture or relocate these intelligent, nocturnal creatures. We conduct a full assessment of your property to identify and seal entry points, preventing future invasions. Understanding the risks raccoons pose, we also provide cleanup and sanitation of affected areas to eliminate health hazards and restore your peace of mind.

Snake Removal Clayton, NC

Encountering a snake on your property can be an alarming experience. Freedom Wildlife Solutions is here to address your concerns with professional snake removal services. Our experts are knowledgeable in identifying various snake species, understanding which are harmless and which pose a real threat. We employ safe, humane techniques to capture and relocate snakes, ensuring your safety and the snake’s well-being. Beyond removal, we offer guidance on landscaping and property maintenance to discourage snakes from returning, providing you with a long-term solution and peace of mind.

How Our Clayton Wildlife Removal Service Can Help Solve Your Problem?

If you have a wildlife infestation we can help!

We begin our wildlife removal service with some questions relating to your problem and a detailed inspection of your home or business.

We take pictures during the inspection of any problems identified. A link to all the pictures from the inspection is  provided to all of our customers. We then develop a plan to remove any unwanted animals as well as a plan to prevent any future problems.

The recommend plans will be discussed with our customer and an agreed on plan of action is initiated.

Wildlife Animal Removal Near Me

Wildlife Removal Services We Offer In Clayton, NC

Bat Exclusion Raleigh

Protect Your Home and Property with Professional Wildlife Removal Services

When it comes to protecting your home and property from wildlife, professional wildlife removal services are a must. No one wants to deal with the damage that can be caused by wild animals, so having an experienced technician come in and take care of the problem is essential. Here at Freedom Wildlife Solutions, our certified technicians have the experience and skills necessary to safely and humanely remove wildlife from your property:

* We specialize in removing raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and other common nuisance animals.
* Our team is knowledgeable about local regulations and will ensure your safety throughout the process.
* We use industry trusted techniques to remove the animal away from your home or business.
* We offer comprehensive solutions for wildlife prevention and control to help keep your property safe.

Responsible Wildlife Trapper Services for Clayton, NC - Hire Freedom Wildlife Solutions Today!

At Freedom Wildlife Solutions, we understand that homeowners in Clayton, NC need responsible and effective wildlife removal services. We’re a team of industry certified technicians who are dedicated to providing safe and humane solutions to your unique problem. Our experienced staff has the tools and knowledge to tackle any animal-related issue you may be facing.

We’ll work closely with you to identify the source of the problem and develop an action plan to get rid of it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your safety is our top priority and we take all necessary precautions when handling wild animals. We use quality products and materials so you can have peace of mind knowing that your home and family are protected from harm. With Freedom Wildlife Solutions on your side, you won’t have to worry about those pesky critters anymore. Contact us today and let’s get started on restoring your property back to its original state.

Wildlife Infestation Risks include...

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wildlife Removal Services in Clayton, NC

We offer a variety of services to help with the removal of wildlife from residential and commercial properties. This includes trapping, exclusion services, and repair of damage caused by wildlife.

We’ve been in business since 2018, providing humane and responsible wildlife removal services to the Clayton, NC area.

Yes, all of our technicians are certified by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and hold multiple certifications from the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, ensuring that they have the knowledge and experience to handle your wildlife removal needs.

Absolutely! We stand behind our work and provide warranties on all our prevention services.

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