Raleigh Nuisance Wildlife Most Wanted

Raleigh Nuisance Wildlife Most Wanted

The Raleigh area is growing and so are calls reporting offenses being conducted by nuisance wildlife species. Below is Freedom Wildlife Solutions’ Top 10 Raleigh Nuisance Wildlife Most Wanted. If you observe wildlife in the act of conducting one of these offenses please do not approach the animals and report it to the professionals.
raccoon removal Clayton NC

Alias: “Trash Panda” “Rocket” “Bandit”

Description: Approximately 12 inches tall and between 24 and 38 inches long, they weigh between 14 and 23 lbs. Their fur is gray. Raccoons can be easily identified by their bandit like black mask and the 4 to 7 black rings on their tail.

Offense: Trespassing, Ransacking Garbage Cans, Property Damage, Defecating in attics, Noise complaints throughout the night, Possession of harmful pathogens, Threats of bodily harm, Stealing from gardens

Last Seen: The Raccoon was last seen throughout Raleigh and all of the surrounding areas. They were seen entering homeowners attics through holes the size of softballs. Raccoons could be potentially seen in other areas of homes and businesses as well. They will typically leave at night and return early morning before the sun rises.

Bat Removal Clayton NC

Alias: “Flying Foxes” “Dracula”

Description: Brown fur on their bodies and hairless wings, weighing between .5 and .9 ounces, they are approximately 4 to 5 inches in length

Offense: Trespassing, Defecating in attics, Possession of harmful pathogens, Inviting bat bugs into your home

Last Seen: The Bat was last seen entering homeowners attics throughout the Triangle area. They are commonly observed on the gable vents in the attic. Bats have also been observed using church steeples to hideout. Bats are night owls so they are most commonly seen active at night.

Clayton Squirrel Removal

Alias: “Nuts” “Tree Rats”

Description: Gray or brown in color.  Large fluffy tails.  Two large front teeth.

Offense: Gnawing on homes, nesting in attics, gnawing on wires, ruining insulation in the attic, trespassing 

Last Seen: Entering holes in the soffit and living in attics.  Heard running in attics and chewing.

groundhog removal Clayton NC

Alias: “Wood Chuck” “Chuck” “Whistle Pig” “Land Beaver” “Ground Squirrel”

Description: Approximately 20 inches long, Weighing between 6 – 12 lbs, Typically seen with brown fur but can also be gray in color, short legs and large white incisors (front teeth).

Offense: Trespassing, Digging/ Burrowing, Stealing from gardens, Property damage

Last Seen: The groundhog was last seen around residential sheds and foundations to homes throughout the Wake County, Johnston County and Harnett County.

removal of moles from yard

Alias: “The Tunneler”

Description: Can be identified by their hairless, pointed snout and very large and broad forefeet with webbed toes. They have small eyes and ear canals which are hard to identify. They are approximately 7 inches in length and weigh about 4 ounces.

Offense: Trespassing, Tunneling, Property Damage

Last Seen: The mole was last seen tunneling through lawns and yards throughout Raleigh and the surrounding cities. If not stopped they can cause a large amount of property damage.

Clayton bird removal

Alias: “The Mechanical Bird”

Description: Observed in both a black and brown color, they are sometimes seen with spots and hints of purple in its feathers. the are approximately 8.5 inches and weigh between 2 – 3.5 ounces.

Offense: Trespassing, Defecating in attics and vents, Blocking air vents with nests, Inviting mites into your home, Invasive species

Last Seen: Starlings are commonly seen in large numbers flying throughout Wake County, Johnston County, and Harnett County. They have been observed stealing bird houses from other birds. Starling are also known to take up residence in homes and businesses. They can enter through vents or other small holes. Once in they build large nests.

Raleigh coyote removal

Alias: “Willie”

Description: Approximately 15 to 45 lbs with a body length between 3 and 4 feet and a 16 inch tail, color can vary and can include sable, brown and black. Coyotes resemble their close relative the wolf.

Offense: Trespassing, Kidnapping personal pets, Possession of harmful pathogens

Last Seen: Coyotes used to be seen in rural areas but are now being seen more frequently in urban areas including Raleigh, Garner and Clayton. The coyote is typically seen once the sun starts to set but can be seen at times during the day. They are typically seen alone but occasionally are out in packs.

flying squirrel removal clayton nc

Alias: “The Glider”

Description: Flying squirrels have grey brown fur on top with darker flanks and are a cream color underneath. They have large dark eyes and a flattened tail. They have a furry membrane that extends between the front and rear legs and is used to glide through the air. Their total length (including tail) is 8.3–10.2 in. The tail measures 3.1–4.7 in.

Offense: Trespassing, Defecating in attics, Noise complaints during the night

Last Seen: The flying squirrel has been seen most around the areas of North Raleigh and Cary. They are shy and normally only come out at night. Flying squirrels are able to enter homes and businesses through holes the size of a golf ball.

snake removal Raleigh

Alias: “Jake”

Description: Described as a long slender reptile with no legs. Colors and pattern can vary. Frequently seen flicking their tongues at people.

Offense: Trespassing, Scaring the public, Sometimes known to carry potentially dangerous venom

Last Seen: Snakes are frequently seen around bushes and wood piles. Snakes have been observed entering homes and businesses through small holes and open doors. Snakes frequently target homes with other pest problems such as mice or insects.

skunk removal in Clayton, NC

Alias: “Pepe”

Description: Skunks are approximately 20 to 30 inches long and weighing between 6 to 10 lbs. Can be identified by the black color with white stripes along their backs. They are also known to have a foul odor to them.

Offense: Trespassing, Digging on personal property, Leaving a foul odor

Last Seen: Skunks were last seen entering burrows under sheds and homes throughout Wake County. They are mostly seen at night but can be smelled throughout the day. Skunks are known for their odor but have been seen at times and not smelled

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