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Garner Bat Removal

Garner Bat Removal Service

Did you have realize you have bats in the attic? Have you been hearing noises in your attic and don’t know what it is? Have you seen bats entering your home or your business? You are not the first person to have a problem caused by bats in Garner. Bats are one of the most common culprits of wildlife / human conflicts solved by wildlife removal companies in North Carolina.

How can Freedom Wildlife Solutions help you get rid of bats in attic?

If you have bats in attic we have solutions for your. Freedom Wildlife Solutions offers removal services of any unwanted bats that have taken up residence in your home or business. We also offer exclusions services to ensure these bats do not move back into your home. Our goal is to solve the problem rather than just fixing the symptoms of your problem.

Our removal service begins with some questions relating to your problem and a detailed inspection of your home or business. We take pictures during our comprehensive wildlife inspection of any problems identified. The pictures and a report from the inspection will be provided to our customers. We then develop a plan to remove any unwanted bats as well as a plan to prevent any future problems.

Risks From Bats

There are risks that come along with any wildlife.  Some of the risks of bats living in your house or business include but are not limited to:

Emergency Bat Removal

Our emergency bat removal service is for when a bat enters the living space of your home or business.  While bats in the attic may feel like an emergency they need to be handled differently than a bat in the bedroom or a bat in the office.

Let our bat specialist help you get rid of your bats!

Contact us if you need our bat removal, bat exclusion or  bat prevention services or are dealing with problems caused by another nuisance wildlife species and you want them solved.  To get help now please click the request service now button, email us through our contact page or call us at (919) 584-8650.

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If you need help with a wildlife problem solving it is as easy as clicking the button below and completing the form. Our wildlife experts are waiting to help you today.

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Wildlife Removal Services in the Garner


We offer services when it comes to helping you solve any Garner wildlife conflicts you may have including removing squirrels or raccoons from your attic, stopping a fox that is eating your chickens, or removing a skunk that decided your front porch was a perfect home. For a full list of our services check out our Nuisance Wildlife Services page. Some of our most common services include:

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